sábado, junho 03, 2006

Varia 1

Se não tivesse visto, julgava que era mentira: A agulha que explodiu

If I hadn't seen it, I would have thought it was a joke: the exploding knitting needle

E para quem precisar de mais sugestões de trabalhos: lista de knitalongs de 2006.

And for the ones who need more suggestions: list of knitalongs in 2006.

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Jill disse...

I just wanted to say "hello" and to be careful of those knitting needles! What a story!

Rikki disse...

Hi! just a short note to tell you about Gimme Your Stuff, it's a cultural exchange blog where people around the world can swap things of significance to their part of the world. I'm getting a few knitters involved to swap wool, patterns, anything really! Have a look if you're interested!
Australian Ambassador for Gimme Your Stuff


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