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Meme (old_draft)

Rascunho de Maio de 2007 / Draft from May 2007

Não faço ideia onde encontrei este meme. Penso que ficou perdido nos rascunhos porque pode ser tão pessoal ou tão impessoal quanto eu quiser. No rascunho dizia para escrever 6 coisas relativas a cada data, mas é muito, fico-me pelas 4. E ainda nada de trabalhos manuais... (a partir daqui só em inglês, desculpem)

I have no idea where I found this meme, that can be very personal or not personal at all. I tried to strike a balance between sharing a bit of my life but not too much (this is a public blog and I wouldn't feel comfortable). It had 6 items on each entry, but I decided to share only 4! (no crafting to share yet...)

20 years ago (1989)
1) I was at school (of course) in a class where I didn't really fit in. Was a clumsy teenager with glasses, a haircut that made me look way older (I finally had my long long hair cut that year, no more pigtails for me), nerdy and a bit weird.
2) Was really surprised, and I must admit, hopeful, with the fall of Berlin Wall and huge changes in Eastern Europe.
3) Soon discovered that after all human beings hadn't changed that much.
4) Thought that at 30 I would be married and have quite a bunch of kids. And be a bit old ;)

10 years ago (1999)
1) Last year of my licenciatura. Which means I finished my undergraduate degree (5 years). Still nerdy, but among nerds :) Instead of glasses, I had contact lenses, my hair was longer again, and I was no longer a teenager, so a bit less clumsy.
2) Had lots of plans that didn't go quite as planned.
3) Had become a Christian the previous year, but hadn't found "my" church yet.
4) Thought that at 30 I would be in another country doing exciting things.

5 years ago (2004)
1) Moved into the house where I live now.
2) Had become a Catholic (I still am one :) ), found a parish, joined the choir and got confirmed.
3) Was slowly starting a relationship with one of my close friends.
4) Do not remember what I thought I would be doing at 30...

1 year ago (2008)
1) Finished my dissertation. Worked in a (sort of) conventional job.
2) Still live in the same house, still am a Catholic, still am on the same parish and on the same choir.
3) But the relationship ended (on friendly terms).
4) Was already older than 30, and thought that after all being 30-something is still being young ;)

1) Who knows!...

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Mamã Martinho disse...

Gostei do meme. Engraçado ao ler pois acho que temos a mesma idade. Identifico-me com algumas das coisas que relatas, nesses anos.



knit_tgz disse...

É múltipla de 2, e apenas múltipla de 2? ;)


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