quinta-feira, setembro 08, 2005

To my SP-r

(Em inglês, porque a minha SP-r é inglesa).

I have been Secret Pal to Noo, from Spitting Yarn.
It's been a pleasure to be exchanging emails with you, and giving you craft-related gifts. I loved watching you receive the presents, and you already knit one wonderful shrug from one of the yarns! By the way, you take much better photos than me... And your blog has a "cleaner" look, which made me decide to change this blog's template, as soon as I have a little free time.

Now, borrowing this idea from several knitterly blogs: Google Images I get when I search for:

My birthplace:

Porto, Portugal

The place I live in:

Lisboa, Portugal

I don't have time to search for more pictures. Still, I love both my cities. :)

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