terça-feira, maio 26, 2009

Geeky knitting

(Rascunho de Janeiro de 2008 / Original draft from January 2008)

O rascunho só tinha um link / The draft contained one link:

Geeky knitting.

Acrescento agora (2009) que, para quem está no Ravelry (na Ravelry? Ravelry em português fica masculino ou feminino?) há muitos grupos "geek/nerd friendly" / Now (2009) I couldn't publish this without mentioning some "geek/nerd friendly" Ravelry groups:

(Ravelry login needed)

Ankh-Morpork Knitters Guild (explanation)
Crypto Xavg (this one I will not explain, it's actually very simple)
Ivory Tower (academia in general)
Mac users and/or fans
MacGyver (hey, why not?)
Math Unraveled (crafters who are good at math helping those who aren't)
Nerdy knitters
PhD procrastination
Scientific Knitters
Software Engineers and Computer Scientists
xkcd (explanation)

e muitos mais... / and lots of other geeky groups!

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