terça-feira, fevereiro 14, 2006

Olympic newsflash 3: Please help!

(Just in English today, I'm in a hurry)

"(Journalist): After a great performance this weekend, when TGZ completed the foot and half the heel by knitting everywhere: on the way to a friend's house, in the bus stop, in the bus, at home, even in bed, today a most unfortunate turn of events set back her efforts. She is here with us now, and is asking for the help of knitters everywhere.

TGZ, what would you like to tell our fellow knitters?

(TGZ): Fellow knitters, especially toe-up sock knitters, please help me! I have been knitting my 1st toe-up sock just fine and have just finished the heel (short-row heel). I tried it on my foot, and it looks weird! :'( It seems there is excess fabric. (On the other hand, it would make a perfect toe: I will keep it on my bookmarks for a toe). I will need to alter it somehow, as it seems my heel is a bit rounder than they expected. Please tell me: how can I correct this heel?

(Journalist, to the viewers): This knitlete needs your help! I would help her myself, but I don't know a knit from a purl... (turning to TGZ) Don't get upset, there's still time to catch on with your knitting in the next days. Good luck!"

Other info:This is the pattern, and this is the yarn. I'm using 3mm DPNs and getting the same gauge they suggest in the pattern.

The heel on the sock: excess fabric!

My heel

It would make a perfect toe:

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filomena disse...

Mandei-te a minha sugestão no e-mail, mesmo sem ter visto as imagens, e mantenho: faz o calcanhar menos profundo reduzindo a quantidade de carreiras em short-row.

Vais ter que fazer a olhómetro.

Acho que a minha explicação no e-mail é capaz de não ter sido muito clara. Posso tentar explicar melhor.

Mas acho que te vais safar lindamente ;)


krisknits2 disse...

It looks like there are 2 issues with this.

1. it looks too long for your foot. When I knit toe up socks, I start the short rows at the front (toe) edge of the big ankle bone.

2. Also, it looks as if there are too many stitches in the heel. Normally you would use have of the stitches, but with the inelastic chevron pattern, you may need to have more stitches on the instep than the heel.

I haven't knit this pattern before, but you may want to take a look at the Jaywalker pattern on magknits for more ideas. Kathy's pattern is very similar.

Sally disse...

No advice I'm afraid, just sympathy that you've had to stall after such a fast start. Hope it soon works out and you're knitting away again soon.

I love your interview style olympics updates!

martina disse...

oh, que pena...
estou totalmente compassionate with you.
sorry for switching between portuguese and english, but i am not as fluent in portuguese now as i had used to be :(
back to your sockproblem:
it seems to me, that you have too many stitches on your heel-needles or you started the heel too late
sorry, that i cannot provide more help. I just have not knitted toe-up before (but i think when i start one day to experiment i will encounter the very same problem ;) )
feel hugged and beijinhos
btw: me too enjoyed your "interview" style for the knitting olympics :)
saludos de Colonia, Alemanha
from an obsessed sockknitting
who ages ago had spend half a year in Lisbon, who is lurking in your blog now for a while since she discovered it somehow via a Blogring und who just wanted to say hello and be of hopefully moral assistance with your heel-problem
sorry, but my own sockknitting blog is written in German


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