quinta-feira, março 09, 2006

Mais meias/ More socks

Meias que gostaria de fazer quando tiver tempo para aprender jacquard: estas maravilhosas da Grumperina (num par de cores mais discreto, para não ficar como ela que diz que não as vai usar nunca) e algum par semelhante a este.

Meias que vou de certeza fazer um dia, quando comprar os modelos (gastei algum dinheiro em lã para meias recentemente, e vou gastar num par de fusos, logo para já não os compro): estas: 1, 2, 3.

Socks I would like to knit when I have the time to learn fair-isle: these wonderful from Grumperina (in a more discrete pair of colours, to be able to wear them) and some pair similar to this one.

Socks I will surely knit some day, when I buy the patterns (I spent some money in sock yarn recently, and will buy a pair of spindles, so I won't buy them yet): These ones: 1, 2, 3.

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Ingrid_in_Sweden disse...

Greetings from Sweden!

Been enjoying your posts on how to knit with a hook on Knitter's Review Forum. May I ask - as I am looking at Lacis cat, how many do I get?!? Set of four for stockings, right? And set of two for other things?
Just a bit confused here ;-) many thanks in advance from an adventorous knitter in Sweden

knit_tgz disse...

Hi. I finally was able to post an answer to your comment! I use 2 straights to knit (knit like with 2 normal straight needles) and I use 5 DPNs for stockings, but if you are used to knitting with 4 DPNs, that's Ok too (I think my grandmother knitted with 4 DPNs). Hope this helps!

BTW: do you have a blog?

Ingrid_in_Sweden disse...


Thank you for your answer.
No - now time for blogging :-)

Ahh - so when you use hooked needles you use the same amount of needles as 'normal' knitting - what I am used to :-)
Have been watching theWong dvd - and want to try! Feels much smoother and more natural - less cramped to knit in this way.

Smiles form Ingrid in Sweden (mandelmazza@yahoo.se)


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