terça-feira, dezembro 13, 2005

Random meme

(Em inglês, perdoem... Se tiver tempo depois traduzo para português!)

I saw this meme here. This is hard!

TEN random things you might not know about me.
1. I love math. When I don't have anything to do (not very usual nowadays), I calculate prime factors on large numbers, such as phone numbers of people I know, personal documentation numbers...
2. Most times I use a calculator, though...
3. I failed the driving license exam twice. I was so nervous my leg shaked visibly.
4. The third time, I did a perfect exam. I don't have a car and never drived since that day. When I have enough money to buy a car, I will take driving lessons again.
5. I have believed in God my whole life, but I have been (among other things) a pantheist, a modern pagan, a non-denominational christian, and finally came back to catholicism when I was 25.
6. I was a serious heavy-metal (trash, speed, black and even some death metal) fan when I was a teen. I listened to it continuously.
7. I nowadays love classical and ancient music, especially sacred choral music. I love Queen. I like the most recent albums of Rammstein.
8. I have seen several part-2 and part-3 movies without having seen the previous parts.
9. I am usually the last person to finish food in a meal.
10. I'm quite disorganized. Who am I kidding: I am messy!

NINE places I’ve visited
I have not travelled a lot like most people, so:
1. A nuclear laboratory.
2. Churches from 3 different denominations to actually worship there (it's not so usual in a country where the majority of people are "non-practising Catholics").
3. An Air Force base (in my teen years). We were several thousands of teens, together in big military tents and some of them in a big hangar.
4. The pediatry section of an oncological hospital. I was OK, fortunately, I just had a weird-looking birthmark which had to be removed and biopsied. I still remember the look in the face of the parents of a very small baby who was ill, the same day that I got the results of my biopsy which said I had no reasons to worry. I hope somehow they were able to make it.
5. Some men's WCs. (It was very urgent, and the women's WC was too far!)
6. A spiritual retreat center.
7. A clean room where small semiconductor circuits are made.
8. Several police stations.
9. A newspaper and several editorial houses.

(So many exciting travels!)

EIGHT ways to win my heart
1. Be a good story-teller. Really.
2. If you're a close friend, correct my mistakes without being harsh. Don't let them pass, that's indifference.
3. Tell me I will do better next time. And really mean it.
4. Truth. Truth. Soul-naked truth.
5. Look at me like I'm the most precious treasure. I cannot explain better, but it's the most wonderful feeling, when it's mutual.
6. Tell me you missed me.
7. Love me the way I am, though helping me to become better.
8. Be there when I need you. Let me be there when you need me. Call me if I don't guess.

SEVEN things I want to do before I die
1. Study theology. And Latin, ancient Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic.
2. Be a mother. Of several children. If life allows me that, between 4 and 6 children. Some of them adopted, probably.
3. Learn to read music.
4. Visit Italy.
5. Marry.
6. Find a job I love and be good at it.
7. Learn to dance.

SIX things I’m afraid of
1. Some kinds of stairs. When I was a child, I would climb them on all fours...
2. Losing my loved ones.
3. Heights.
4. Never being able to be a mother.
5. Not being a good mother. I'm also afraid of holding small babies, because I always fear I will drop them, but I am overcoming that fear now.
6. My own mind and its confusions.

FIVE things I don't like
1. Too sweet beverages.
2. Itchiness. It can be very unnerving and very distracting.
3. Turnip. It's one of the few foods I don't like.
4. Manipulative people.
5. Too much light or too much heat.

FOUR ways to turn me off
1. Lie or be false in any way.
2. Be lukewarm.
3. Ignore me.
4. Hurt someone and don't apologize.

THREE Things I do everyday
1. Daydream.
2. Say curse-words (sorry, it's true!).
3. Pray.

TWO things that make me happy
1. The ones I love.
2. Singing.

(only two things? but I also wanted to mention food, chocolate, coffee and, of course, knitting!)

ONE thing on my mind right now

1. Dinner. I'm hungry!

I tag whoever wants to do this!

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ana rita disse...

I'm missing you. We'll take care of that soon.

Antonius Block disse...

Desculparás a intromissão de um estranho, mas achei curiosas as tuas 10 random things. Sendo que a 1. e a 6. se me aplicam perfeitamente (tenho um particular gosto além disso por estabelecer relações entre os números das matrículas dos carros à minha frente enquanto conduzo e era grande fã de thrash metal europeu (e vá lá, os Slayer) e heavy metal do clássico NWOBHM). Substitui no 5. 25 por 19 (e um não tão grande historial de "confissões") no 9. last por first, mantém tudo no 7. excepto os últimos albuns de Rammstein (que conheço mal) e só ficam por partilhar as limitações :P (que bem que as invejo se as minhas fossem essas!)

Que te interessará isto? Não faço ideia. Mas gostei dos teus comentários no Trento!

Em Cristo,


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